Top 5: Why should I use Atlas Corporate Solutions?

Getting the right tools to organise your work space can take up more time than you think. That’s why Atlas Professionals is making recruitment simpler with Atlas Corporate Solutions. Atlas Corporate Solutions is an online portal that can manage all of your crewing needs in one location. Here’s our top 5 reasons of why you should start working with Atlas Corporate Solutions.

1.    100% Compliant Workforce

Atlas Corporate Solutions allows users to access individual professional profiles 24/7. Professional profiles show the candidate’s experience, qualifications and certificates. The profile data can be downloaded for your archives and is always accessible. The system will also keep clients and recruiters up-to-date with any certificates due to expire.

2.    Pre-qualified Pool of Professionals

Having the luxury of a pre-qualified pool of professionals on Atlas Corporate Solutions allows our recruiters to source safe, reliable and competent professionals. When you have an urgent enquiry, the pre-qualified pool allows you to select the best candidates in real-time. Due to our global presence we are able to deliver the best professionals worldwide.

3.    Reduce cost of Crewing

In times like these companies are always looking for new ways to reduce overall costs. That’s why Atlas Corporate Solutions is the most cost efficient tool ever. The online plan board allows clients to select the right professionals for each vessel and position, saving time and money when the pressure is on.

4.    More control on your workforce

When you’re having to manage over 100 crew members on rotation, this can make things difficult. One of the main features of Atlas Corporate Solutions is its graphical plan board, which keeps track of every professional on each vessel. Users are kept up-to-date with their professional’s schedules giving them more control of their workforce.

5.    Hand-picked selection of candidates

To ensure a high quality of professionals to our projects worldwide, our clients are able to hand-pick their professionals and create their own crew for their projects. This gives our clients the freedom to customize their crew and ensure that they have the right people for the right job.