Atlas Obtains Successful Results from Annual Customer Evaluations Survey

Recently, Atlas’ QHSE department sent out their Annual Customer Evaluation survey. As a service led organisation, we value the feedback from our customers in order to improve our services and to develop our investment in the future of the Energy and Marine industries.

 8+ out of 10 for our services

The online survey was designed to focus on what Atlas is good at, not so good at, and any areas that could be improved. For the past six years, Atlas has obtained a positive and steady customer satisfaction rate.

Overall, Atlas received an 80.7% global satisfaction rate from our clients and professionals giving us an 8+ out of 10 rating for our services. This is a fantastic result and we are proud that our mission to invest in people and our dedication in finding the right people for the right job is benefitted from our clients and personnel.

All of the collated results will be fed back into Atlas’ QHSE department, as QHSE Manager Kate Knott explains, “We value any feedback received from both clients, and professionals, and see the evaluations as a great way of identifying issues that are important to our customers, so that we may focus our efforts to be able to enhance Customer Satisfaction.”

Apple Watch Winners

This year, Atlas offered two lucky respondents a chance to win an Apple Watch Sport.

Chosen at random, the winners were DPO Erik Aspen Bakke and Sr. Manager at TE SubCom Michael Orr. Congratulations to our winners and we hope that you enjoy your new Apple Watches.

We would like to thank all of our customers who participated in Atlas’ Survey; your feedback was greatly appreciated and will fuel Atlas’ ambitions in improving our services for the challenges in 2016.